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Gates Mills Improvement Society

July 4th in the Village


While you're out driving . . .

. . . be sure to drive by these addresses to see their lovely decorations:

6730 Gates Mills Blvd   •   7040 Gates Road, mailbox   •  1449 River Road   •  1820 Chartley Rd.

7759 Sugarbush Lane  •   6973 Gates Road   •    Esquire’s Cottage, 1280 Chagrin River Road    

The Museum, 7580 Old Mill Road  •  847 Chagrin River Road  • St. Christopher’s Church, 7601 Old Mill 

The Hunt Club, Old Mill Road   •   7560 Old Mill Road    •   1709 Berkshire Road, mailbox

36699 Dorchester Road  •   710 Hillcreek Lane, mailbox  •    US Post Office Gates Mills, Box # 354  

1651 Epping Road fence   •   7020 Gates Road:  flag of 24 stars for date house was built

1661 Berkshire Road, mailbox   •  1947 Woodstock Road, mailbox    •  7859 Battles Road 

1671 Epping Road  •   7959 Gatewood Oval  •   440 Timberidge Trail    •    883 Chagrin River Road

The Improvement Society 4th of July Parade is hitting the road!

A traveling Neighborhood Parade will be moving through the streets of Gates Mills between 11 am and 1 pm.

We will have most of your favorite, familiar Parade features: Fire Engines, Classic Cars, a convertible with the Mayor, Council, School Board, the Calliope, music, decorations and much more.

Some things will be new, too.  We have requested an Ice Cream Truck to follow along some distance and time behind the parade because we will not be throwing candy, as we will travel at a faster pace of ~15 mph.  We will be broadcasting music as we go in place of the usual live bands.  And while we will not be able to travel down every street in Gates Mills, we will be passing by most of the homes. 

We hope to see YOU as we drive by.

You will find the details about the Parade Route and the approximate times as we travel the route in this Pink Sheet and on the website.

July 4th Parade Route

Click here for our Parade Route!

The Service Department is celebrating their 100th Anniversary!! We start at 11 am and travel 21.3 miles. Join us for this special parade! We'll end our route around 1 pm. Watch for the ice cream truck following the parade - you can buy your favorite frozen treats!!


Welcome To The Improvement Society

The Improvement Society promotes and supports the Independence Day Parade, our Christmas Eve bonfire & Judy Bell Committee, Village Recreation (tennis, pickleball, bocce), the Animal Welfare Committee, Election Day and Town Hall Meetings and many other Village activities. The Society also coordinates the Annual Employee Christmas Bonus Fund. Last year, 350+ residents contributed over $50,000 to be distributed.

Reach us at

Virtual Fourth of July Parade

If you have photos or videos of anything pertaining to the Fourth of July in Gates Mills, please share your files to this dropbox and join our virtual Fourth of July Parade. Our media collection will be shared with the Gates Mills Historical Society. We will also share our results on July 5th. Stay tuned.

If you send photos after July 3rd, we can still forward them to the Gates Mills Historical Society. Your history is important to the Village!

Join the Improvement Society and help our Village

We welcome your support! Become a member of The Improvement Society today. In addition, you may wish to make a one-time or on-going donation. Click on the Paypal link below to pay by credit card, or see the membership application to pay by check. Annual dues are as follows: Single $20, Family $35, Sponsor $50.


Please note membership dues and all donations are *tax-deductible.*

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